5 April 2011

Marc Mac presents Visioneers

From Mr Kirk's Nightmare to Star Chasers I have masses of respect for Marc Mac. So getting a call at the beginning of the year and being asked to do the sleeve for his new Visioneers single was great.

After some initial thoughts, we got to the bold typography idea quickly and I was keen to use a stencil font that was different to the norm. Eames Stencil from House Industries worked well, especially when it's split up using colour. I love the shape of the 'S' and 'R'. To stop it looking too flat I dug out a photo I'd taken years ago of New York taken from the Staten Island Ferry (never thought I'd see my holiday snaps on a record sleeve).

The single is released via BBE records. The last time I worked for Pete was in 1995 (I did the first gen. BBE logo). Apache is on the A side and Shaft in Africa on the B Side. There are only x1000 out there, so get them while you can. Hopefully some more singles will be released before the album drops later this year.

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two ruffians said...

I like that you've explained your concept. It brings the design to life! respect!