8 October 2010


Its always good to get an Ad through to press unscathed. ITV bought into this look and feel recently and it'll be hitting a lot of publications over the coming months.

I designed the layouts with creative team Matt Fitch & Mark Lewis at BBH. I started by putting all the info in one place (programme title, date, time and URL). Doing this allowed the rest of the ad to be free for the headline and image.

The headlines are key to grabbing your attention, so choice of font was important. I wanted something bold to compliment the headlines but also something that would contrast each other: a condensed, a script and a display typeface. The result is a set of fonts that 'knit' together well and fill in the odd spaces around the people.

The fonts used are Acropolis, Champion Middleweight and Metro Script. Acropolis and Champion are from one one of my favourite foundries – Hoefler Frere Jones.

Look out for this Art Direction on the TV idents too.

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