16 May 2012

If Music Specials

If Music / You Need This celebrates the music of Island Records at Plastic People, June 22nd 10pm – 3am. £3 entry. Ross Allen, Acyde, Patrick Forge and Jean-Claude. 

Motown Special, October 12th 10pm – 3am. £3 entry. Marc Mac, Acyde, Jean-Claude.

15 May 2012

Marc Mac - Hipology

An explosion of inspiration was the thinking behind the image for Hipology. Having a single image for the album cover would've been wrong, especially after Marc had explained the thinking behind the project. A scrapbook / montage of imagery seemed a better approach with Hipology set in the centre.

Using a shared Dropbox, we pulled together imagery that reflected the project, from old photographs to scans from magazines we soon had more than enough to work with. I was keen to build the montage by hand so cut a 600mm square piece of plywood and applied some old school cut 'n' paste (scissors n glue) rotating the board as I built the image up. Check out the original BBE logo that's in there, I designed it 15+ years ago. Lots of gems in there I love the Dollis Hill tube sign alongside Buggin' Out.

The project became a labour of love for the last part of 2011. I'm pleased with the final artwork, especially the 12" vinyl. The album sounds incredible and up there with the best of Marc Mac productions. Hipology is released on 28th May on double CD and vinyl. A limited box set of 5 x 7" is also out there. Released on BBE. Check out 101_Apparel for the t-shirts and mixtape too.

Marc Mac, Patrick Forge & Jean Claude at the Launch of the Hipology boxset at If Music, Record Store Day 2012.