26 May 2010

Vinyl Junkies

It looks likely that another record shop is set to close. The Independent reported last week that Vinyl Junkies is to pull down its shutters for the last time in the summer. Vinyl Junkies is a particularly poignant shop as its on Berwick Street – a street with a long association with Record Shops. It also holds a place in my heart as it was one that I featured in The Record Shop Project back in November 2007, photographed by Spencer Murphy.

As well as the main portrait of the shop-owners we also wanted to focus on the details in the shops too.

It was Vinyl Junkies (together with Harold Moores on Gt. Marlborough St) that provided us with the most interesting array of stuff to photograph. It has all the things that I affiliate with a record shop; the smell of vinyl mixed with the Nag Champa, the hand-written labels on pieces of masking tape, rarities on the walls and the stacks of unsorted records filling the floor-space.

Hopefully VJ's will continue trading in the future via its website. Its a shame that yet another shop, another piece of London should vanish. So there's even more reason to pay a visit and experience it before its consigned to history – even if its to experience the smells alone (something you can't get on-line, well not yet anyway).

I wish Jean-Paul, Toru and the guys all the best for the future.

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Anonymous said...

Wow. Thank you very much for this.

VJs staff.