8 January 2009

Karen Pearson's Broad Casting

Just as I'm winding-down for Christmas, I get a call from the ever enthusiastic Karen Pearson with one of those briefs you can't say no to, even if you are running on a reserve tank. The final push was worth it; as well as producing some strong posters for some cool clients, Red Bull, it also makes a good start to the new year. There will be four of these posters over the next twelve months, hopefully making up a good set at the end. The night is happening on Jan 29th at Cargo and is sure to be a good one. Tony Allen, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Elmore Judd, plus some very special guests. Looking forward to it.

...and what a night! Really proud to have been part of it. The visuals looked great (thank you Nick Corrigan). Here are some shots from the night. pics by eventful.org.uk

Listen to the event here on Red Bull Music Academy.

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